TechEd Follow-up

The morning after TechEd was spent on a cruiser a bike with Jeff from This was an awesome way to see the city and hear about the history and unique culture that is New Orleans. It was pretty hot out there (I came from the New Zealand winter) and so I’m now hiding in an air conditioned room and following through on my promise to make the slide deck from the talk available.

The slide deck for the ASI02-INT session can be downloaded from the TechEd2010 folder at

It was prepared in Office 2010 and I’ve left in the slide notes just to give some additional context. Please let me know if there are any issues.

A big thank you to everyone who came along for the session, I will follow up on some of the questions asked in subsequent posts. The feedback has been mixed, on the positive side some found real value in hearing how we are tackling the same problems they face, some were interested directly in using our framework. On the less positive, it was felt the session was too biased towards ADERANT and not enough on WF, WCF and AppFabric. My goal was to show how WF, WCF and AppFabric is used as a platform to build an application framework. Looking back, the balance could have been closer towards the out of the box technologies that Microsoft is shipping and less on where we used the extensibility model. To try to redress the balance I’m going to write up the demos I didn’t show and make the source code available over the coming weeks. Please bear with me and I hope that in the end everyone will get something useful either out of the session directly or out of the follow up material. If you attended the session and there is a particular topic or problem that you would like me to cover then please let me know (stefan.sewell at

The samples I’ll cover will be:
• Creating and hosting a simple code based WCF service, then implementing the same functionality as a workflow service and hosting it.
• A walkthrough of the sample deployment DSL I demoed to show how to get started with the VS2010 DSL Toolkit.

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