TechEd NZ 2009 Sessions

This year Microsoft have opened up the TechEd sessions to the public and so you no longer have to be a TechEd attendee to be able to be able to watch the sessions online. This includes sessions from previous years, which means the sessions I co-presented at New Zealand TechEd last year are now available.

A first look at WCF and WF in .NET 4.0

This session covered the new features in .NET 4 for WCF and WF. The slide deck was prepared and originally presented by Aaron Skonnard from Pluralsight. Mark, a colleague at ADERANT, and I were asked to present in New Zealand due to our .NET 4.0 TAP involvement (Technology Adoption Program). The demos were our own and so the content is slightly different to the original presentation.

Building declarative apps in .NET 4.0

In this session we wanted to show how Microsoft is choosing a declarative approach for much of its new technology, freeing the developer from the how and letting them concentrate on the what. Using the Visual Studio DSL toolkit is it possible to build your own visual DSLs and designers. From these models you can then use T4 to transform the model into code. This approach is at the heart of a software factory we use internally in ADERANT and has saved us from technology churn as well as speeding up product development.

Note: The DSL toolkit has been renamed for VS2010 and is now the Visual Studio Virtualization and Modeling SDK.